Monday, November 3, 2014

The Foodie Blog Hop - Burning Water

Post about food:
--a fond food memory
--a disaster in the kitchen
--your favorite recipe
--pictures of food
--anything food related

This blog hop is being hosted by H.R. Sinclair

I've chosen to share a disaster in the kitchen:

When I was a young teen, my mom worked the afternoon shift. As the oldest I was left to watch over my younger siblings. I was to make sure we had dinner, worked on our homework, and got to bed when we were suppose to.

One night while my mom was working, I was to boil some eggs so we could color them for Easter. Well I knew how to boil eggs, so no problem. I put two dozen eggs into a pot, filled it with water and put it on the stove to boil. 

While working on homework, I got a call from mom. She wanted to know if I had boiled the eggs. Oh, no! I had forgotten about the eggs! Well the eggs were boiled, but beyond using. There was no water in the pot and the eggs were all popped open and burnt. The inside of the pot was black. I'm lucky I didn't burn the house down!

There has been a running joke in the family, since that incident, that I'm probably the only person who knows how to burn water.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Where's Lenny Lee? Birthday Bash!

Lenny Lee is a special young man who is having a birthday today. He is now 15 years old! He is such a bright spot in the blogging community, spreading sunshine, smiles, and wonderful words of wisdom wherever he stops to visit. 

But sadly that sunshine that is Lenny Lee has been missing from blogland. I hope he is not gone for good because that would make me and a lot of other people really sad. 

Lenny, I hope you will find time to post to your blog to say hello and share some sunshine. You are truly missed!!

*** Since I couldn't get a cake baked, I hope you'll accept the surprise gift that you will find in an email sent your way. ***


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